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to tell you people in america no one realized income went up, millions of them. they have got money to spend. we'll tell you how they are. >> street signs, 2:00, be there. >> cnbc.com news now. >>> down market after the food company raised starting outlook for the year on better than expected sales. price line.com sales are also jumping as its earnings were also better than forecast. boeing got $1.2 billion contracts from the canadian government for 15 new chinook helicopters. cnbc news now, i'm courtney reagan. >>> good morning and welcome to the call. 90 minutes into trading on the floor, the new york stock exchange. we're watching the market trying to move its way back to the flat line, down seven points on the dow. we're going to talk about coming up in this hour whether or not the amount of consumer debt could derail a recovery in the stock market. happy monday, larry. >> thank you. i'm larry kudlow.. paul krugman going at it again. he's arguing big government saved the economy and budget deficits are good. he's calling for a second stimulus. in our call of the wild we're going
is the smartest guy in the room, and i've got a lot of confidence in his ability. listen, america has climbed a wall of worry, the american investor has, which has turned into the stairway to heaven. the exuberance of the american people right now, i think, is the real issue. and there is just a lot of reasons to think that the exuberance of the american people is going to carry us through this, and this pursuit -- >> the exuberance? okay. i think we're on two different levels here, because i'm looking at consumer spending, at retail sales numbers that are continuing to show a lot of weakness in the consumer. that doesn't seem like much exuberance. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. the first half of the year, $2 million worth of men's under wear was sold, the number one product -- >> well, that's a necessity, right? >> it's a necessity. and the first half of the year, the american public bought what they needed. the second half of the year, the american public will buy what they want. in the second half, they want color tvs and big-screen tvs. >> how are they going to get the mo
, why medical experts are looking to australia for news on how to combat swine flu in america. that's coming up next, only on "the call." ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at chase.com/sapphire. >>> take a look at crude oil today trading higher along with the rest of the stocks, up about 70 cents, 7459, look at natural gas, been on a tear there you can see is up another 2 1/3rd today. it is $3, i remember when it was above 15. >>> americans prepare for the cold months ahead many wonder if the swine flu and springtime scare will reappear in force this fall. sometimes you get an idea what is coming by looking abroad. australia is still battling the disease at the end of their winter
the road to recovery. and lead the way consumers or corporate america. larry? >> nine consecutive days, the greatest story never told. much i'm larry kudlow. hello, everyone. the long-term government deficit is deeper than first expected, but paul krugman says the spending spree is saving the world. that debate is ahead of us. this is "the call." we are cnbc. >>> stocks opened high, led by tech, but then came the consumer sentiment number hitting a four-month low, and stocks reversed gains. let's take a look at what the dow is up to now, now to the down side by 2/10 of a percent. the s&p 500 is looking like this, look over to the boards and show you what that's up to. sitting at 1031, still flat with an up side by for nasdaq, however, moving higher by half a percent. let's get over to scott wapner and find out what's pushing it to the up side. >> thanks so much. dell started things after the closing bell yesterday with better than expected earnings and the stock was higher. the nasdaq is up a half percent right now, but dell's shores up 4.5%. then came intel this morning just before th
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them. but i think again, if you want to make money, look, the big names like bank of america, wells fargo, even goldman and jpmorgan have gone up so much, that i think money is rotating out of those sure things and looking for speculative trade. so i guess we've just flipped, and i'm the bull and he's the bear. >> you know, i like the cow chip thing. >> let me go back to cow chips, hank. one of the dung chips is aig. but the price action has been good. got themselves a new ceo, he's consulting with hank greenberg. maybe aig has got some value in there. >> good. but this is for speculators, not for traders. this really -- why take that kind of risk when you can own high-quality names both in the financial sector and outside the financial sector. >> you know what? the thing is, it's not what you own, it's where you own it from. >> yeah. i mean, it's always about where you buy it. but can i just follow up with that? what would you be buying then? >> right now, away from that, i would be buying health care, but in the financials, i -- i like -- i like all of those. i liked city group, i
to the sell list. trish, over to you. >> okay, thanks, larry. our next guest will be awarded america's highest civilian honor, the 2009 presidential medal of freedom in a white house ceremony this afternoon with 16 other individuals. professor mohamed eunice pie neared the use of microloans to provide credit to individuals without collateral. professor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> so i guess the big question here is when you look at the micro loan base, the economy is under so much stress internationally, how does that effect the ability of the poorest of the poor to really access credit? >> it's amazing. while the financial system is in big crisis, the micro credit, the kind of program that we have done is crisis-free. it continues to do the same thing. one reason, perhaps is our work related to real economy. >> so you're saying you're not actually seeing an effect of the overall economic downturn on people's abilities to get micro loans? >> no. we have no problem with that. and second effect would b
? of course we have choice. this is america. america is all about choice. except for health care. >> on that note respect thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. not yet, larry. >> i'm sorry. >> lloyd blankrfein reportedly telling his employees to avoid big ticket purchases. so we're asking the question, is being rich and making money suddenly out of favor? today's call of the wild. >> and right now top u.s. banking regulators continuing their senate hearing. this amid reports treasury secretary geithner blasted them for not embracing the regulatory reform proposal. we'll go to capitol hill for a live report on right here on "the call." (groans) a lot of people are gonna be kicking themselves for not buying in this market. (woman) visit remax.com where you can see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. where do you want to be? most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form bio
are way up, so more buyers to choose from, and prices are way down. so the typical home in america has declined about 20% from its 2006 peak, so a good back drop overall to think about buying a home. but if three things meet your situation, then it's a good time to buy. of first of all, if you're not burdened with selling your current home. second, if you can get financing. mortgage rates are low, but it's hard to actually close a loan because of the appraisal issue question talked about. and number three, if you're going to be in your home that you're interested in buying for five to seven years. think about this purchase as a lifestyle decision rather than a short-term investment and that's probably because we're probably not at the bottom yet. >> excellent point. in the current market where we might not be at the bottom of the market, maybe it's better to rent, because i would imagine that rent would start picking up before sales do, in any case maybe if you are going into this as an investment, just looking at it as renting a place. of. >> i think it's a great time to scout the pro
save. doing it with bank of america can help save a lot more. up to 20% cash back from over 300 online retailers with our add it up program. just sign up and use your bank of america debit or credit card when you shop online. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. >>> citi says net chargeoffs dropped from 10.5% in june. a few minutes ago, told but american express saw a drop in credit dashed loan it is had to write off. citi trading lower on the day, higher on the news it is down about 1.25%, almost even on the day. >>> the annual pegle beach luxury car show took place, like the weakening economy, the luxury car collecting market is doing darn well as people look for alternative investments, jim goldman is there and join us from the san jose bureau with details on this. did you have a good time? >> you know, you know, you need like a little box of kleenex to sort of mop up the drool when you are done with this he show. it was truly spectacular. the pebble beach is the world's top car show without question, a show place for old and new, auction
on what will happen to the bank of america litigation. remember, bank of america had sued bbnt over the return of some funds, but it does appear now that colonial bank shares which have been halted all day today will now be taken over by bbnt. guys? >> okay, scott cohn, thank you so much at our breaking news desk. the s&p up almost 50% since march lows. you can see by this chart, take a peek, back in march where it was. look at that, 46% of the gains since march 9th. mohammed el-erian appeared on "squawk box" this morning and said the stock market is getting ahead of itself. >> the market has gotten way ahead of the reality on the ground. the market and the economics are not reconciled right now. >> big question, is he right? we want to ask our bull, jordan kimmel, author of "the magnet method of vesting conscious and our bear and my old friend, craig peckham, go way back, trading strategist with jeffries and company. craig, terrific to see you. >> likewise, trish. >> i'm going to kick it off with you here, because you are in agreement with mr. el-erian. why do you think the market
-efficient midsize sedans... ...and suvs in america. i don't know if you've heard, but this fuel efficiency thing.. kind of a big deal. anyway, ford and lincoln mercury have you covered... with showrooms full of fuel-efficient cars, trucks, suvs, crossovers, and hybrids. how's that for going green? now, get 0% financing plus up to $1,500 cash back on most ford, lincoln and mercury vehicles. go to ford.com, or visit your ford or lincoln mercury dealer. >>> welcome back to "the call," i'm hampton pearson in washington with new budget deficit estimates out from the congressional budget office. the nonpartisan cbo now says that ten-year budget deficits looks like $7.14 trillion from 2010 to 2019, a $2.7 trillion increase. $1.59 trillion is the current fy budget deficit, 11.2% of gdp, the highest since world war ii, 1.38 trillion. meanwhile, the obama white house agrees with the cbo on the current fiscal year budget deficit, and the office of management and budge he is also raising its ten-year budget deficit estimates. the obama projections look like 9.5 trillion from 2010 through 2019. $1.5 trillion
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to a third of their annual compensation. feinberg is signing off on pay plans at citi, bank of america, gmac and chrysler financial. he will approve the highest paid employees not subject to bonus restrictions. feinberg has pretty much declined requests for any comments since being appointed the special master of executive compensation, but when we spoke with him back in june, he did say he needs to consider what a company needs to pay its employees to contend with their rivals. >> competitiveness is just one variable, profitability, avoidance of excessive risk. these are the variables that i should apply as part of the law. >> now, while the 175 individual pay plans are due at feinberg's office tomorrow, he has 60 days to review, approve or not approve them. so it will be some time before we hear what he has to say about the guaranteed bonuses. >> and even the obama administration has said they're not going to make public what everyone is making. i read that in an article earlier today, not going to necessarily disclose it, it will be up to the companies if they want to e but that's another
term, but will he be able to battle inflation? >> and america's health care system. will senator ted kennedy's legacy impact this debate? you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide. >>> crude oil falling this morning on rising u.s. crude stockpiles. let's see, down $70.87, down 1.5%, a buck 18. crude oil slipping. mandy. >> well, the flags are flying at half mass at capitol hill in honor of ted kennedy who died at the age of 77 last night. president obama calling kennedy the greatest senator of our time. >> his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. and seniors who know new dignity and families know new opportunity in children who know new education's promise. in all who can pursue their dream in an america that is more equal and more just. >> senator kennedy spent his career trying to enact health care reform. bertha coombs takes a look back. >> reporter: ted kennedy called universal health care the cause of his life. the cause he championed. >> i believe it is essential that we provide a medical care program -- >> reporter: for ove
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the recovery, that is this new wave of foreclosures coming down the pipe. bank of america admits as a result of the new government modification program our foreclosure sales in recent months have been as little as half the normal pace we experienced before. now that making home affordable, the government program, is operational we do project an increase in foreclosures. how big of an increase? if we look at the current bucket of loans in foreclosure, it's 1.5 million homes. that as you see is the smaller bucket. if you look at the loans on the precipice of foreclosure, it's 3.5 to 4 million loans. a much bigger bucket. what's more troublesome is take a look at newer vintage loans. jumbo prime made after the so-called housing boom meters. just 12 months into their loans they're defaults at many, many times faster than average. >> even after the tightening of underwriting criteria, these higher-quality loans that have been created over the past year are running into trouble at a much faster rate than the same loans created years ago. >> reporter: so what about the loan modification programs, y
to have that story, coming up after this break. and suvs in america. i don't know if you've heard, but this whole fuel-efficiency thing... kind of a big deal. anyway, ford and lincoln mercury have you covered. in fact, they're your cash for clunkers specialists. they'll recycle your ride and get you a rebate of up to $4,500. how's that for going green? why ford? why now? why not? visit your ford or lincoln mercury dealer. tell 'em mike sent you. if you think it would help. >>> time now for call to action, the stocks you need to watch. cnbc's mary thompson is here to look. >> we're keeping watch on american natural. its shares up just over 80% after it reached a funding agreement with general motors to cover costs linked to gm's bankruptcy. this includes a $100 million loan. the company is also expecting sales to double by 2013, and the stock is almost doubling up $2.54 at $5.18 a share. let's look at tj maxx, down $1.21, good news and bad news. second quarter earnings rose 31% thanks to strong sales and improving margins, but gave a forecast for the full year and the lower end cam
that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> welcome back, everyone, to the call. i'm trish regan. we want to get you caught up on the markets because we are up 74 points right now on the dow. a lot of optimism right now about the economic future.. s&p clocked through that 1,000 level, up 50% from its march 6th low of 666, it's just barely under that right now. meanwhile over the nasdaq, we are up about .5%, a little better than that, at 1,991. economists are more optimistic these days about the growth of the second half of this year and that could mean a quicker turn around in the job market. steve liesman joins us with an exclusive cnbc survey. finally a little bit of good news. >> we were on the phone this weekend and did a survey to see if they were changing their forecast. we've become more upbeat about second half growth and a bit more upbeat about job growth. economists in our survey increased their forecast of gross domestic product by nearly a percentage point to 2.65 from 1.75, and by
? >> seeing america outright -- he should have let them go under and goldman sachs, even though it's a bank holding company, continues to act as though it's an investment bank. basically, at the government's guarantee. i mean, this is a joke. these people are getting rich on our tax dollars. >> okay. we have to leave it there. >>> on a programming note, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, we will have a special from jackson hole, the fed crisis and recovery. now, you do not want to miss it. >> definitely not. "power lunch" coming up. bill, what have you got? >> following on your discussion, trish, we spend time over the next couple hours pondering the question that a lot of people are wondering. should ben bernanke be reappointed as the chairman of the federal reserve? e-mail us your thoughts? pow berer lunch cnbc.com. >> eddy lamp period of time, we talk to experts about that, and social media coming under attack right now. technology way ahead of the rest of us now when it comes to twitter and facebook and all of the video technology that's out there right now. and some companies and sports lea
. citigroup up 4%. bank of america up 13. decidioe i sigh zions bancorp up almost 20%. les moonves, the ceo of cnbc went out of his way to say the worst was behind them, some advertisers returning, and he anticipates a significantly stronger second half of the year for the company. once you start allaying the fears that credit quality is deteriorating larry, you get a nice move up in the financials. there's your leadership. >> let's talk more about the jobs report and the effect it will have on the economy. is the recovery coming onstream? the white house saying the recession is not yet over. are they down playing the economic recovery story? joining us to talk about this, former labor secretary and cnbc contributor robert rice. he's the author of "supercapitalism." and tom higgins, chief economist. and undisclosed location in maine, we have mr. steve liesman. mr. secretary, i want to begin with you. a lot of good news in the numbers relative to what we've seen. is the recession over, bob, in your judgment? >> no, it's not, larry. we are approaching the bottom, it looks like. we're getting
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